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    C1 - Use of VR for teachers in school education


    The aim of this leaning activity is to open up teachers to use of new technologies and online educational resources in their classes by offering them a ready-made collection of online tools and platforms to facilitate and the teaching process and attract pupils to become more motivated and involved in learning.


    Location: Iasi, Romania

    Dates: 16-20.09.2019 (5 training days)

    Participants: 22 teachers and trainers from Romania, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal


    Topics of the training:

    Workshop The Evolution of Technology in the classroom (Module 1)

    Demonstrative lesson on the use of technologies at class - The Communism in Romania

    Workshop Learning Environments (Module 2) - Digital Technologies in the classroom; About VR & AR

    Enhancing the Attractiveness of Learning through Augmented Reality - Lessons for the Primary and Secondary Cycles

    Workshop Virtual Reality Learning Environment (Module 3)

    Demonstrative lesson Gravitational pendulum - From classical teaching methods to technology enriched education

    Workshop Benefits for Students-Teachers (Module 4)

    Workshop VR Enhanced Teaching-Learning Experiences (Module 5)

    Workshop for development of VR lessons

    Experiment VR in a specialized VR Company



    C2. How to implement VR laboratories in your school


    The aim of this leaning activity will be to train the participants in incorporating virtual reality into the education system by promoting the creation of Virtual Reality and Education Laboratories in schools.


    Location: Florence, Italy

    Dates: 07.2020 (5 training days)

    Participants: teachers and trainers from Romania, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal

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