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  • VR School Laboratory (Simulation Lessons using [email protected] with students and teachers)

    Curious how a VR laboratory can look in your school? Let’s discover!


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    Romanian high school students test the Oculus Ri> VR headset and explore its capabili8es, then assess its poten8al uses for educa8onal purposes.

    - experience - unique; used the equipment for the first 8me (headset, two controllers); first contact - priceless; first thought when using VR - countless possibili8es provided by Oculus: physics (important informa8onal content facilitated by virtual experiments observed / performed in the classroom); used material: physics on the sky slope; VR headsets not only gain the students' aMen8on and interest, they also facilitate understanding various concepts

    - happy to be able to use VR headsets, because they helped him learned more scien8fic concepts (physics, chemistry, biology, informa8cs and mathema8cs). also glad for the fun experience provided by VR environments (Jurassic World)

    - VR experience - special; first 8me she used them; she thinks all schools should have such headsets - students can get a clearer picture on various things (biology - how some plants / animals look, their environment, human anatomy etc.; chemistry - certain dangerous chemical reac8ons)

    - managed to view certain materials and apps, thus exploring a different laboratory than the usual ones; chemistry - he had the opportunity to watch / perform experiments which can not be done in an usual chemistry lab (danger, rare substances etc.); VR headsets provide the opportunity to repeat experiments mul8ple 8mes; in the future - create a library of VR materials to understant all STEM subjects

    - future of educa8on is expected to be bright if VR materials keep being used during classes; much more opportuni8es compared to a classic laboratory; experiments can be performed at the atomic level,

    various substances which in real life are dangerous, cut costs due to no longer needing physical materials etc. also, students' mo8va8on will increase.


    VR Lessons in Class

    Click on the image to see the experience

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